When do I need a facilitator?

  • When you want to have a fruitful conversation with a group of people and conclude with tangible outcomes.
  • When you want participants actively engaged in designing a project, setting goals, and/or developing strategies.
  • When you need a fresh perspective on a challenge and the right environment for your team to function at their absolute best for creative problem solving.
  • When you want to step out of your leadership role, but still influence the offsite experience and outcomes.

What's the facilitator's role?

  • Determine the desired outcomes in partnership with the leader.
  • Create an environment where each participant is actively engaged
  • Design the event or offsite with the unique needs of the group's participants
  • Facilitate open conversation with a clear direction
  • Summarize and reflect back ideas to the group and the leader
  • Take the pressure off the leader for a success meeting or offsite

Make your next offsite the best one yet

An offsite is a tricky event to pull off successfully.  Many leaders have attended team buildings and offsites with little to no take-away value.  When asked to block their calendar for full day (or more), leaders need to know it's worth their time and focus.  We'll partner with you to make sure it is.