Coaching services


Leadership coaching

Leadership is exhilarating, lonely, challenging, rewarding.  

Your leadership coach provides an objective space for you to talk through all aspects of your leadership, helps you find clarity in what authentic leadership looks like for you, and provides valuable perspectives on challenges you feel boxed-in by.  Leadership coaching typically involves an assessment report which gives you additional data for increasing your self-awareness and better understanding your team or colleagues.  

Leadership isn't easy, but it can be less difficult.

Life coaching

Life is a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions.  At times, you feel satisfied and content; other times, you feel alone and disillusioned.  

Your life coach partners with you on your journey, letting you know there are answers to be discovered, and providing a structure to that discovery. Life coaching includes self-discovery, increased awareness of your possibilities, and clarity for pursuing new paths.  Learn more about your personality, emotional intelligence, thinking preferences, and more! 

Life isn't easy, but it can be less difficult.  

Transition coaching

Transitions.  Life's full of them.  Starting a new job.  Ending a relationship.  Going back to school.  Starting a family.  Losing a loved one.  What's familiar goes away and you're left to discover something new.

Your transition coach helps you sort through the plethora of emotions associated with transitions and helps you understand the psychological journey of endings and new beginnings.  Patience balanced with practicality provides guidelines for these disruptions whether voluntary or involuntary. 

A transition isn't easy, but it can be less difficult.

Relationship coaching

Relationships bring joy and heartache, hope and confusion, contentment and stress.

Your relationship coach helps you create the patterns that result in fulfilling connections.  Discoveries about personality, conflict styles, thinking preferences, and communication open new doors for building and maintaining the relationships that make your world go round.  For partners, the Prepare/Enrich Inventory provides rich insight into strengths and growth areas of your relationship and shines light on new areas of discover and conversation.  

Relationships aren't easy, but they can be less difficult.